Fully Customizable Hard Top Pergola Agava Product Configurator

The construction market is booming again and everybody wants their garden to look as best as it can. On the other hand Industry, 4.0 companies want to bring something extra to their products and thus allow clients to fully customize them to fit their needs. Soltec is one of the leading garden pergola manufacturers in Europe and is a company with a brilliant product called Pergola Agava.

What we've built?

Information For Action - Act on the issues you care about when it matters

The people at Soltec had a wonderful idea to allow their distributors to fully configure and visualize their products and place a real order with the company, without the need for a sales manager intervention. The system should allow them to focus their sales managers on closing the deals, instead of merely creating offers. Our team was brought in to help make that idea a reality. The system is composed of several different components that all work together to deliver the overall experience.

Soltec Portal

A responsive web application is written in Angular which serves as a main point of entry for Soltec managers, sales team and also for distributors. Every user has the same layout, but the content is displayed based on their role in the system and their connections. Portal allows users to create offers and estimate price really quickly. The portal also takes care of the entire communication process with the client through the whole sales process.

B2B and B2C

The portal was originally built for B2B customers to ease the ordering process and drive away time-consuming communication, that is usually present around production companies. Later on, when we saw that the system is working above expectations, we saw that the potential to include the B2C market is huge. So the Portal was modified to allow anyone to estimate the pergola price, place an order and get the product. The results were a surprise even to the company management. Soltec has gained nearly ten times as much orders as trough B2B market.


Soltec already uses several IT tools to help them run their business on a daily basis. One of the project requirements was to utilize the existing CRM and project management system that is built in SharePoint. The Portal is tightly integrated into the entire solution, allowing us to fetch customer data, discounts, etc., into the configurator and send all new orders to the CRM, assign correct sales managers and detect order changes in the CRM. We also manage all the order documents that are used to actually produce the final product when the order goes through.


  • AngularJSAngularJS
  • NodeJSNodeJS
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • SharepointSharepoint
  • Office 356Office 356
  • JenkinsJenkins