To prescribe the right drug to the right patient at the right time.

Doctrina was created to ensure that medical staff is educated about the latest trends and drugs available - to make sure the medical staff gives the right advice, every time. Doctrina platform is an e-learning platform that enables medical staff to continuously educate on latest topics about prescription and non-prescription drugs. Also, medical staff can educate about specific topics about their profession.

What we've built?

The people at Doctrina had a wonderful idea, to allow medical individuals to freely educate online thus making them perform better and suggest the right drug to their patients and also earn something for their organization by doing it. Our team was brought in, to help make that idea a reality. The system is composed of several different components, that all work together to deliver the entire Doctrina experience in multiple countries.

Doctrina app and websites

A responsive web application, written in Vue, which serves as an interface for taking online courses, view statistics, receive certificates and ask questions. On the other hand, it offers pharmaceutical companies to target and monitors their courses performance.

Doctrina API

The brain of the system is the API that allows users to view and complete courses, aggregates statistics, sends targeted emails and so much more. It is built from several components that all work together in a never-ending cycle to enable the system to run and work smoothly.

AWS infrastructure

The entire application is hosted on the AWS stacks, consuming multiple AWS services like Elastic Transcoder, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Cache, Elastic Container service, EC2 and more. Continuous deployment and continuous integrations are performed via AWS CodeBuild, so the entire system is automated.


  • TypeScriptTypeScript
  • MailchimpMailchimp
  • ChromeAPIsMongoDB
  • JenkinsJenkins
  • MandrillMandrill
  • Amazon WSAmazon WS